Where to Find the Cake in Park City

Posted by Tania on April 6, 2013

Whether it's a trip planned in honor of a celebration, or the celebration happens to coincide during your trip... a celebration requires cake! 

My son's birthday is December 27 this means that we've often found ourselves traveling on his birthday.  The good news is, as long as we can get our hands on a good cake. 

Use this guide and you'll be set for your next Park City celebration:

Windy Ridge Cafe  

Windy Ridge - for the sophisticated palette. Note for newcomers: You pick up cakes accross the way from the restaurant! 435-647-2906

Coldstone Creamery If your celebration calls for an ice cream cake - Coldstone Creamery is just the place to get it! 435-575-0287

LuAnn's Cupcakes The cupcake has become the cake of choice for many. Luanne's offers selections like Lucky's Cherry Pie, Chocolate Dreamcake, and Lemon-filled Coconut Cream - so you can't go wrong.  801-688-7468

Luanne's Cupcakes

if you are looking for a few budget-friendly options try; 

The Market at Park City 435-645-7139

Walmart Bakery 435-647-9909

Smith's at Kimball Junction, I hear their cakes are fresh and nicely decorated. (435) 649-7278

Now you have cake, so you have a celebration!  If you need a few other fun birthday or celebration ideas check out this "Ask a Snowmama" post from Snowmama Kristen.


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