Natural Solutions for Dry Winter Skin

Posted by Tania on February 23, 2013

The mountain air can dry out your skin faster than a child can uncover your chocolate stash. 

I'm passionate about ensuring the products we use to keep our skin hydrated are non-toxic, safe, and super hydrating.  

While I haven't found one product that will handle every hydration need on the mountain, with a few well chosen naturals, everyone in your family will be well taken care of!

A Rich Moisturizer
For good all-around skin and hand hydration - you'll want a thick and rich moisturizer.

We use Coconut Oil.  We apply a small amount as soon as we get out of the bath or shower.  It's very hydrating, absorbs in quickly… and you can typically pick up a jar of organic coconut oil for $6-8 per bottle.  

I've also had good success finding artisan moisturizers on Etsy.  One of my favorites is from Marisol Farms. 

Protection from the Elements & Sun
Even with a good moisturizer - your skin is going to need protection from the elements while visiting the mountains!

For sun protection my top choice is  Epicensial SPF 35 or Juice Beauty Moisturizer with SPF 30.  To protect the skin from wind you want to look for a moisture barrier.  Alba Unpetroleum Jelly is a natural alternative to Vaseline, petroleum jelly and aquaphor.  My personal favorite is Epicensial's Face Balm.

Face & Beauty
I find my facial  skincare regiment needs extra TLC on the mountains.  So to keep my face well hydrated and fresh I pack an extra rich nighttime moisturizer, such as Devita Evening Rich.  

Right after I wash my face I'll use 100% argon oil in place of a serum.  Then I moisturize.  

I also find that I modify my beauty routine a little.  With the dry mountain air, I will use a cream blush in place of my usual powder.  It stays in place a little better on the mountain, and gives a very natural look.  My favorite is from Youngblood.  

I also always pack a great lipgloss with good natural oils like this one from Youngblood as well, and I don't think I ever leave home without my Burt's Bess Tinted Lip Balm.

I tend to cut back on my powders which tend to absorb moisture from our skin… the exact opposite of what we want to do in dry conditions!

Last, but not least - don't forget the lips.  You'll want lip balm in every pocket!  One of my favorites is Badger Balm.  It's reasonably priced, super pure… and effective.

Fortunately with a little planning there are many great natural choices to keep the skin of your entire clan well moisturized for your next mountain adventure.


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