Ice Skating Adventures in Park City

Posted by Tania on February 2, 2013

When we plan our family ski trip, we typically plan for a couple of days off the hill.  My children are 6 & 7 and I find they need a break… and I'm not saying my age… but mama might need a break too (shhh… don't tell)!  So we like to plan fun outings.  

It was on one of such outings that we discovered the new Park City Community Center and its lovely ice arena.  It's not in the middle of town, but public transportation will get you there if you don't have a car, and via car I'm guessing it's about 10 minutes from most Park City locations.  

A Rinkside Hug!
My children had never been on the ice before and while my son didn't fall in love instantly… my daughter did.  She declared she wanted to skate everyday instead of skiing (shock, horror!!!)  We scheduled a private lesson with one of the arena coaches for her as there were no group options that worked during our visit.  

Our instructor was Tiffany Earl, and we adored her.  You can set up a lesson with her via email at or you can contact the arena for a list of all the coaches available to teach.  Most lessons take place during the public skates and you do need to "pay for your ice time." 

My daughter ended up falling in love with ice skating and has been taking lessons at our local skating rink in California (unfortunately, not nearly as nice as the Park City Community Center!).

Check this link find out about skate times at the Community Center.  If you plan on skating during holidays be prepared for it to be a little bit busy.  If you are accustomed to finding the little push bars that help keep new skaters standing - you won't find them here.  So expect to hold their hand and take it slow!  The community center is definitely a hub of activity and don't expect to get the ice to yourself unless you rent it, which can be arranged!

Additionally if you are looking for an outdoor skating experience check out the Resort Center Ice Skating Rink, right at the base of Park City Mountain Resort.  You can rent skates, but they don't offer lessons.  I've only ever noticed a few skaters at a time here, so you can stretch your legs, or bruise your buttocks, and take in the views.  

Wherever you decide to strap on your skates it is a nice option for a non-skiing day for any ski vacation!  What is your favorite off-slope ski vacation activity?


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