Gearing Up Essentials: What You Need for Your Littles

Posted by Tania on November 27, 2013

Gearing up can be overwhelming.  Use this list to pack what you REALLY need to gear up your children for a great ski vacation.

Base Layer
One pair of long underwear
One pair of quality ski socks - not regular socks (cold feet = unhappy child)
One or two turtlenecks

Outer Layer
For the outer layer I prefer a two-piece option with bibbed pants and a jacket.  This gives you more options for apres activities than a one piece… and I notice at ski school the kids are often in the bibbed pants with their jackets hanging up during inside time.  You'll also find you can often get two seasons out of bibbed pants because of the adjustments.  

Ski Goggles - ski school doesn't provide goggles and they can't be rented.
Helmet - if the kids are attending ski school, they have helmets.  
Neck Warmer
Ski Mittens - Mittens are warmer than gloves.  

Additional Necessities
Sun Screen - Even if the sun isn't shining, there are UV rays, and sunscreens also provide a nice protective barrier against wind for cold blustery days.
Lip Balm - Lil's get chapped lips, too.
Hand Warmers (cold hands = unhappy child).

Finally they'll need boots, skis, poles (if they are older) and a helmet.  If they are in ski school… all of this equipment will be provided - so you won't need to rent, or buy. Be sure to label everything. 

Hot Tip: If your kids are going to be in ski schoo, their boots, skis and helmets will be provided. If they are taking a day off in the middle… you are free to use the equipment on their off-lesson day during the trip.  

This list only covers what you need for skiing - you will want to be sure you get a pair of good snow boots for walking between activities as well as to and from ski school!

Final Note
Find out if you'll have laundry where you are staying.  Many places do… and if so, you'll find that you only need one base layer set for the trip with two turtlenecks.  You can easily wash everyone's base layer every night or every other night and you'll be good to go.  

On our earlier trips when I packed more… I realized that we really didn't need or even use the bulk of what I was packed.  It just made our bags heavier.


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