Top 5 Tips for Moms Learning to Snowboard

Posted by Sugar on January 5, 2011

I took my first snowboarding  lessons in December and am already a huge fan of the sport. Here are my tips for those of you thinking of giving snowboarding a try this winter:  

sugar-katja-snowboard-lesson (sugar-katja-snowboard-lesson)

Strength training with yoga and pilates are a great way to prepare for balancing and turning on a snowboard. The smallest moves or changes in position can make a huge difference in your yoga or pilates  workout. Snowboarding also is a sport that  involves tiny, concentrated moves and balance.  Having a strong core will  help  you enjoy your ride.

Take A Lesson
Even if you have been skiing all your life or are an avid surfer... take a  snowboard lesson! There are so many tips you’ll learn and mistakes you’ll avoid. I was surprised to learn that by pressing down on the outer edge of the ball of my foot ever so slightly, I could make the board go into a J-turn. The instructors know exactly how to  get you up and boarding. A lesson or two will save you hours of frustration, or worse yet, giving up before you see how much fun you can have.

Plan on falling down. A lot.
Every snowboarder tells you stories of all the time they spent on their behinds when they were first starting. They’re not kidding.  You will spend some time sitting, but it’s not  as bad as it seems. In fact, you may find you’re spending a lot less time falling than you expected after all the stories you heard.

Your instructor can help you to learn to fall safely. You want  to put your hands in a fist and land punching the snow to avoid hurting your wrists.

Don’t be embarrassed. If you’re not falling, you’re not learning.

Keep Your Arms Neutral
I was amazed how much my board responded to the flailing of my arms. When I tensed up, I swung my arms out and that sent my board sliding where I didn’t want it to go. When I kept my arms relaxed at my sides, I had more control of the board’s forward motion.

I would have continued spinning and falling without an instructor pointing this out to me.

Wear A Helmet
I like to feel the wind in my hair pretty much anywhere--on a boat, riding a bike, sitting on a patio in Tahiti (that one is still only a dream). But after a few falls,  I realized that if I could really get hurt. Leave the hair blowing in the wind for the trip to Tahiti and wear a helmet on the mountain.


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