Snowmamas Learn to Snowboard

Posted by Sugar on January 1, 2011

Sugar Jones and Katja Presnal go snowboarding for the first time ever. Look out below!!


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Comment posted by scott groth on January 4, 2011 1:01 PM MST

So true...After 20+ years on skis, I decided to give boarding a shot. Needless to say, "once you've been on a board, you'll never go back" This is my 3rd year of snowboarding addiction, and I believe my problem has been growing steadily worse. To relieve this addiction, I find myself having to 'go west young man'. We will be shreddin' at Park City and Snowbird in mid Jan, and believe that will curb my need for a 'boarding fix' for a bit. Hailing from MN and its 300'vert, shouldnt take much.
Anyways, good luck on your shredding, and am way happy for you on your new found love. If you know of any good places to eat around the area, it would sure be helpful. thanks

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