Mama Jams for the Mountain

Posted by Sugar on March 14, 2011

The sounds of nature are so soothing. Pine needles rustling against each other. Wind whistling through wood. The *farumpf* of snow falling on snow. Ahhhh...

Sometimes though, Mama just wants to listen to her jams.

I have several playlists on my iPod for all my various moods. The one I listen to when I want to relax and tune out is called “Soccer Mom Chill Out.” When I want to power through a run, I select the “Rocker Workout” set. And when I’m feeling especially young, hip, and cool after learning something new, I turn on my “New Wave” tunes to feel sixteen again.

Recently, I found a line of cute beanies by Aerial 7 that don’t just keep me warm at freezing temperatures, but I can also rock or relax with. Here I am with my fellow Snowmama, Kelly wearing my favorite one:

sugar-aerial-7-beanie (sugar-aerial-7-beanie)
Sugar and fellow Snowmama Kelly.

You can’t see it, but inside the brim of the beanie are sound disks that allow you to listen to your music from your iPod, iPhone, Droid, or Blackberry. If you happen to be listening from your Droid or Blackberry, you can even answer your phone and talk into the speaker on the cable! I love wearing my Aerial 7 Beanie while tubing or walking around on Main Street. My head and ears stay warm AND I can listen to my Mom Jams.


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