Sugar Jones has been skiing since she was old enough to drive up the mountains. Once she strapped on her first set of skiis, she was hooked! The thrill of the wind on her face and the sound of the snow swishing under her skiis was so invigorating. Every chance she and her friends got, they would take that early morning drive up and head down the slopes over and over, all day long, until the sun went down.


These days, Sugar is passing on that thrill to her children. They are as excited as she is to get on the slopes and use their snow legs. Ryan and Hannah had their first snow days last winter in Park City. After learning to board and ski, they too were hooked and can't wait for the first snowfall this year. Based out of San Diego, CA, the Jones' family loves to travel all over the country, especially to Utah. She blogs about their adventures of learning on the road and life at SugarJones.TV.





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