What my Snowmama Taught Me

Posted by Pam on April 7, 2011

I would like you all to meet my Snowmama.  In this picture Snowmama Sally was skiing Brighton Ski Resort back when wool pants and leather boots were the rage.

pams-snowmama (pams-snowmama)

This is me, Snowmama Pam, skiing Park City Ski Resort with brakes on my skis and hand warmers in my gloves.
My how times have changed and how much they have stayed the same!

pam-snowmama (pam-snowmama)

My Snowmama does many things really well, but perhaps the biggest legacy she will leave behind is her love of the nature and the great outdoors.  She spent huge amounts of time and energy making sure her family got outside - and we loved it!

My fondest family memories are filled with lakes, rivers, mountains, sun, snow, skis, bikes, tents, horses and hikes.  We did it all, climbing, river rafting, snowmobiling, skiing, gardening, windsurfing and even whale watching.  

She loved the beautiful blue ocean, the wide open skies, the thick forests, the sandy beaches, the National Parks, the wonderful wildlife and the endless adventures.  Now that I am a mom I can fully appreciate all the bags she packed, lunches she made, sand she swept, tents she pitched, sleeping bags she stuffed (although my dad was the best sleeping bag stuffer ever), kids she carried and equipment she put away at the end of the trip.  Those adventures molded me and inspired me and give me a sense of respect and love for nature that remains with me, and with all of my siblings.

As we all know, kids watch to see what matters most to us as parents.  This Snowmama watched My Snowmama love nature and the great outdoors - and to me, that was one of the greatest gifts she has passed on to me and that I am passing on to my kids.  Thanks Snowmama Sally!!


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