The Nose Knows

Posted by Pam on January 27, 2011

It never fails.  Each winter when we travel to Utah to ski, someoneʼs nose starts to bleed. That is usually followed by stuffy noses, headaches and another nose bleed or two.

Winter in the mountains means cold weather, brisk winds and really low humidity levels. Combine these with the higher mountain altitude and consecutive days outdoors and most sinuses will suffer.

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Preparing for these conditions can make all the difference. Here are some tried and true solutions to help your sinuses enjoy their time in the snowy mountains as much as you will:

1. Drink Lots of Water - hydration helps!

2.. Sip Hot Liquids - the steam and warmth will make itʼs way into your sinuses.

3. Use Saline Nasal Sprays - these are cheap, over-the-counter natural salt water sprays. You can spray these into your nose 5 to 6 times a day.  Purchase a separate bottle for each family member to avoid spreading germs.

4. Apply a Wet Warm Washcloth.  Using warm water, wet and wring out a wash cloth. Hold it up to your face and breath in the warmth.

5. Boil water in a pot over the stove. Then carefully, place a towel over your head, lean over the pot and  feel the steam. The humidity will bathe your sore sinuses.

6. Take A Hot Shower. This is a great way to start your sinuses in the morning.

7. Purchase a Humidifier.  If your family really struggles with dry noses, it might be worth buying a small humidifier. This way you can keep the humid air flowing all night long.

The dry, cold air makes for wonderful, fluffy snow - but our sinuses donʼt reap the same benefits. With a little bit of preparation and planning you can provide the moisture your nose needs.


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