Ten Little Freezing Toes

Posted by Pam on March 19, 2011

I have fond memories of riding the Park City chair lifts with my own Snowmama. But there is one memory in particular that I am reminded of every time I am riding the chair lift with my own little Snowbunnies on a cold ski day--The Frozen Toes Song.

Every time we would start to complain or cry about how cold our toes were, my Snowmama would start to sing the Frozen Toes Song.  

While she’d sing the song, we would wiggle each toe as she sang the name. This is crucial to the song’s success!  You can also substitute Frozen Toes for Frozen Fingers with equal success. Now I’m the Snowmama singing, and hopefully my kids will have fond memories of riding the chair lifts with me--even on freezing days.

Sung to the tune of the children’s rhyme “Ten Little Indians” or if you are super song savvy, the Irish folk tune “Michael Finnegan.”  The song goes like this:

    One little, two little, three frozen toes
    Four little, five little, six frozen toes
    Seven little, eight little, nine frozen toes
    Ten little freezing toes.

    Ten little, nine little, eight warming toes
    Seven little, six little, five warming toes
    Four little, three little, two warming toes
    One little warmed-up toe.

So next time you find yourself sitting next to a frozen-toed child, start singing “One little, two little, three frozen toes....”  

Not only does it get them moving their toes, but the giggles make the chair lift go that much faster.


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