Pam's Trip Diary Day Two: Wild Winter Weather

Posted by Pam on January 1, 2011

It's what we skiers all like to sing about and dream about.

letitsnow (letitsnow)

And who doesn't love to Ski Utah - the greatest snow on earth!

But sometimes that means lots of cold, lots of wind and lots of snow -- Wednesday was that and then some.  It was a true blizzard!!  A foot of snow, crazy winds, below-freezing temperatures and random white out conditions.

We are Midwesterners and are all too familiar with these conditions, but to set out for a day of skiing in this weather causes you to stop and wonder if you are not completely loco.  Well I guess we are!   So we opened up the hand warmers, strapped on our goggles and focused on the amazing snow that was accumulating as fast as you could ski it.

I usually take too many pictures of everything, but on Wednesday, the only picture taking I did was a quick video from my iphone.  Better documentation would have been a picture of our four kids on the Pay Day chair lift with their helmet heads resting on the bar.  The only way to brave the gusty and blustery conditions!

The kids not only survived their lessons, but loved them.  The instructors kept them moving and warm.  Best of all was that my husband Steve and I got to ski without the kids and we really enjoyed the amazing snow.
And at the end of the day - we had left it ALL on the mountain.

sleeping-kid (sleeping-kid)


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