Pam's Trip Diary Day Three: Baby's It's Cold Outside

Posted by Pam on January 1, 2011

"Baby, It's Cold Outside"

thermometer (1)

Thursday was a CHILLY day up on the mountain - or better known as a HOT CHOCOLATE DAY!!  The snow was amazing and the wind had died down -- but it was really cold.  

hot chocolate (2)

Anyone can weather a cold day with enough hot chocolate breaks (marshmallows make it even better!)

Hand Warmers (3)

Another round of hand warmers and off we go.

Emily fur neck warmer (4)

Emily is sporting a new turtle fur neck warmer.  The scarf we bought just didn't cut it so we picked up this beauty.  We did whatever we could to cover up every inch of skin (looks like we missed the tip of her nose, doesn't it?).  Skiing is SOOO much more fun when you aren't freezing -- and our kids had a great day with tons of fresh powder.

Ben Neck Warmer (5)

This is the first year we have worn helmets -- and I must say, they do a great job keeping your head and ears warm.  Ben tucked his neck warmer in and he was set.

Lizzy (6)

Lizzy goes crazy when she has scarfs and other things tightly wrapped around her neck, so she insisted that her face stay uncovered.  That was the lesser of the two evils in her mind.  But she did just fine despite the cold and had a great day.

A little hint for those who want to take some photos on a cold mountain day - wear a glove liner under your gloves or mittens.  You will be more inclined to take pictures if you know your hands can stay warm enough.


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