Pam's Trip Diary: Day One

Posted by Pam on December 31, 2010

After a long, but uneventful day of travel from Naperville, Illinois to Park City, Utah we were all so excited to rent our ski equipment and officially start our week of skiing, snow, family and lots of fun!

fitting-boots-mom (fitting-boots-mom)

Fortunately we were able to rent our equipment the night before we started into ski lessons.  Not only does this get everyone excited for the days ahead, even if they might be a little sleepy from all their travels, but it also allows for a much more calm morning.  The less we have to do in the morning - the better!

fitting-boots (fitting-boots)

The Park City Mountain Resort Staff have been so helpful and great with our kids.  After wearing soft, fluffy and loose snow boots for the past month, the staff had to be a little convincing about the tighter fit of the kid's ski boots.

The kids loved having "their own skis" if even just for a few days!

rental-shop-skis (rental-shop-skis)

Then there was the guessing game as to which color pole they would get.  To them it was about color, not length.

poles (poles)

Then, we finished all the paper work, thanked the very nice staff and we headed to the condo to get some well earned sleep.

andrew-boots (andrew-boots)


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Comment posted by Barb on December 31, 2010 4:17 PM MST

Love all the pictures. Hope you all have a wonderful time. Will be looking forward to your trip diaries :)

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