Lovin' Ski Lessons: Pam's Trip Diary Day 5

Posted by Pam on January 6, 2011

sig-5-check-in (sig-5-check-in)

Park City Mountain Resort has a great Ski School - and all 4 kids took advantage of it's Signature 5 program this year.  This program is designed for children ages 6 to 14 and is for never-evers to expert skiers and boarders alike.  The class never has more than 5 students, is a 6 hour - all day lesson, which also includes lunch in one of the on-mountain lodges.

lizzy (lizzy)

Lizzy (age 8) skied with instructor Christopher today and had a great time.  Each child receives a Progress Report booklet that the instructor carries with them throughout the day.   He filled out this booklet and at the end of the day gave us the booklet and told us how she improved and what she can keep working on.  They also keep track of what lifts they have been on and what runs the kids are comfortable skiing.  This booklet helps determine what class to be in the next day or even the next year.

emily (emily)

Emily (age 11) and her cousin Jane lucked out on this quiet Ski School day.  When all the kids were divided up in to their groups, Emily and Jane were the only ones left in their level, so they received some extra attention today.  Instructor Mark worked on their "matching skis skills" and their "balance and stance" on the blue runs.  They had a great day and made lots of progress.

ben (ben)

Ben (age 13) skied with A.J.'s class today and was able to master the Parallel Skier Level (making parallel turns) and move into the Advanced-Parallel Skier Level (adding a carved turn).  That means advancing to the black diamonds!!  Awesome!!  A.J. was so great, keeping Ben on task and teaching tons of skills all at the same time.  Ben was thrilled - black diamonds and lunch at the mid-mountain lodge all in the same day - perfect!

caroline (caroline)

Okay so I have to tell a little story here.   Caroline (age 6) had a WONDERFUL day today with instructor Charlotte.  They covered lots of terrain, advanced her turning skills and kept warm.  But... at the end of the day she took a little tumble that brought her to tears, and of course, when she saw me and Steve in the pick-up corral, Caroline lost it.  Oh the tears, and the dramatic flop to the ground.  This is where Charlotte showed her mature instructor skills, she told us all the great things they had done that day and reminded Caroline that all good skiers have to take a tumble or two to get better (a quote from her own Snowmama).  She stayed very positive and honest about the situation and was even gracious when Caroline forgot all about her good manners and dug her head into the snow instead of thanking Charlotte for a great day.  Tumbles and all, it was a very successful day and Charlotte managed a lot of little girl skiers very well!


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Comment posted by mary flinn ware on January 18, 2011 12:31 PM MST

So much fun to spend a bit of time with snowmama Pam too, thanks much!

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