Friends and Family: Pam's Trip Diary Day 4

Posted by Pam on January 5, 2011

Our holiday ski vacations to Park City are always coupled with visits to friends and family.  Both Steve and I grew up in Salt Lake City and coming out to ski during the winter break is also an opportunity to see many of the family and friends we don't get to see very often during the rest of the year.  So with family, friends and skiing on our agenda - we like to cram it all in!  So we put our skis away for a few days and headed down to Salt Lake City for some friend and family fun!!

ring-in-the-new-year (ring-in-the-new-year)

We ushered in the New Year with many cousins, aunts, uncles, horns, hats and great glasses!!  Happy New Year!!

2011 (2011)

We swam and swam and swam - inside of course!  Although, like all good polar bears - the kids found their way outside - jumped into the snow - and then hurried back to the warm pool and even warmer hot tub.

indoor-pool (indoor-pool)

Living in the Mid-West, good sledding hills are hard to come by.  But in the Salt Lake Valley they are a dime a dozen.

sledding (sledding)

We love living in Chicago, but our hearts will always be in the mountains.  A trip home every winter gives us the mountain-fix we need and the time with friends and family we love.




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