Any Snowsport is a Good Snowsport

Posted by Pam on March 15, 2011

Ten years ago my husband and I and our two kids moved to the Chicago area.  Both Steve and I were born and raised in Salt Lake City, nestled in those amazing mountains and loving the adventures they provide.  

Moving to the great plains has been wonderful in so many ways but I have to say my heart will always be in the mountains.  As we were adjusting to our new, flat surroundings I became a bit of an "Elevation Snob" and began to discount any outdoor experience here because it wasn't the mountains.

We wanted to take our kids camping but I thought the local Forest Preserves weren't authentic enough of an experience and that the local Ski Hills were nothing more than a venue for sleds - at best.

broom-hockey (broom-hockey)

Then one day it dawned on me that my kids didn't know the difference between Snowbird and Four Lakes (or Four Turns as we call it - tee hee), they just wanted to have fun and be outdoors.  

So I swallowed my Mountain Mama Pride and embraced the forest preserves and all that flat land lakes and freezing winters have to offer.  The kids are becoming proficient at building fires and pitching tents and the more they ride the Prairie Paths here the better they are at Mountain Biking out West.

We bought Snowshoes for Christmas years ago and this year Cross Country Skis were the big family present.  Never did I think I would say that we have also learned to ice fish.  Yes, we are the proud owners of an ice auger and ice fishing poles and we love it.

ice-fishing (ice-fishing)

Ever since we embraced the Midwest winters, the cold hasn't felt as cold and the winters have not dragged on as they did before.  In fact, the cold, ice and snow now serve a great purpose - to entertain all of us and to get us outdoors!

So Snowmamas and Snowpapas, if you don't live near those magnificent mountains, enjoy what is near by.  Because the Great Outdoors can also be the Great Flat Outdoors  and any Snowsport is a Good Snowsport!

cross-country-skiing (cross-country-skiing)



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