Mondays with Mary: Why can’t kids start snowboarding in a group lesson before age 6?

Posted by Mary on March 7, 2011

Why can’t kids start snowboarding in a group lesson before age 6?

mondays-with-mary (mondays-with-mary)Snowboarding takes more fine motor skills than skiing to be successful and most kids under six simply haven’t physically matured enough.  

Snowboarding  also is harder to first learn.  It takes longer to become mobile. Younger children need to keep moving. They can lose interest fast and get very frustrated

Kids that are not ready to learn and attempt snowboarding not only spoil the small group dynamic for others, but also become frustrated with snow sports in general. No one wants that to happen--especially families who love the slopes.

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While this has always been our stance and belief on teaching snowboarding to young kids, we continue to see a high demand for group snowboard lessons for 5 and 6 year olds. This Spring we are trying out a new product called Jr. Signature Snowboard for kids ages 5 and 6 years old to experience an introduction to snowboarding. To learn more about this, please visit


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