Mondays with Mary: When is a private lesson better for my child?

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by Mary on March 19, 2012

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When is a private lesson better for my child?

As a parent you know you child better than anyone, and if you think a private lesson is best for your child then it most likely is. Some other things to consider when wondering if a private lesson is better for your little one are:

•    What is your child’s age?
•    What is their activity level?
•    Does your child have any special needs, cognitive or physical?
•    How developed are their social skills?
•    Do they enjoy meeting new friends?
•    Is your child very fearful/hesitant to learn a snowsport?
•    What are your goals for this lesson?

If your child is under 4 years of age, you may want to consider a private lesson. We accept 3 ½ yr. olds that are fully toilet trained in our Signature 3 program, but sometimes they just are not socially or physically ready to learn to ski in a group, 3 to 1 ratio environment, and the percentages of a successful ski day are less than that of an older child.

If your child’s activity level is minimal, a private lesson could increase their chance of success, not only due to the one on one attention, but the pacing of the lesson can be specific to your child’s needs/energy level. This can also assist in a positive first experience with snowsports.

Special needs children certainly benefit from a private lesson, especially when learning a new sport. I would definitely recommend our partner school the National Ability Center, they provide special needs children the best lessons in a private format with instructors who are specifically trained to do so. Check out the or call 435-940-1596 to get additional information.

Children who are very social and enjoy the company of many children, and enjoy making new friends often do much better in a group lesson. Young teens may not feel as comfortable with a single “stranger” adult and the attention it brings, and they may prefer the company of their peers. These children normally do well in our Signature 5 lessons with a 5 student to each instructor ratio.

A child who is fearful for any reason will certainly do better learning in a one on one lesson. That instructor can cater to those fears, and be constantly hands on if needed.

What are your (the parent/guardian’s) goals for the day?  Be realistic when determining this and take into consideration that on average you can always accomplish more in a private lesson with any student, than when participating in a group lesson.


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