Mondays with Mary: When are Kids Ready for Ski School?

Posted by Mary on April 11, 2011

When are kids ready for ski school?

mondays-with-mary (mondays-with-mary)Parents always want to know when kids are ready to start skiing and snowboarding. I'll try to briefly explain.  They should be at least 3 years old for skiing. Wait until a child is at least five to introduce him/her to snowboarding because snowboarding is more difficult and requires finer motor skill development.

Consider that each child matures physically and mentally at varied rates,  Ask yourself is our child ready? Should you wait another year?

Often times a young child can start, but will progress better with a  private shorter lesson. One on one instruction works well at times. Some children simply may not be ready for a group lesson.

Mondays with Mary is a weekly column where our Kids Mountain School Manager answers your most common questions.


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