Mondays with Mary: What items do kids need for their day in ski school?

Posted by Mary on January 9, 2012

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What items do kids need for their day in ski school?

Of course kids will need their gear, skis, boots, or snowboard and boots, along with a helmet. If they are a strong wedge turner, starting to make paralell turns, then they may need ski poles as well. Any children who are in our Signature 3 programs are provided with boots and skis or a board, and only need to bring or rent a helmet.
I would suggest that first of all your make sure your participant is well rested and fed, this is best way to start the day for all of us, but especially to increase the chances for a perfect day in Kids' Mountain School! Layering is crucial, with outer layers that are water repellant.
Gloves vs. mittens, your choice, but mittens usually keep hands warmer, and are usually much easier for smaller children to manage. Instructors hate it when they have to try to get their larger hands into a participant's gloves to reorganize the fingers.
Eye protection, either goggles or sun glasses are not just for fashion. The sun reflecting off of the snow can seriously damage your child's eyes very quickly, and if it snows, it's dangerous if participants can't see where they are going.
Sunscreen is something that parents should apply, and or bring along. Many children have allergies to ingredients in sunscreens, thus we will not apply, and the altitude can damage and burn their tender skin.
I would also suggest a neck gator, or balaclava. These handy items can always be stored in a pocket if it's warmer, but they can really do the job to keep any of us warm during a windy, snowy, or just plain cold day.
The weather can change drastically in the mountains very quickly and if you plan ahead and bring along a prepared participant, they will  stay comfortably each day on the slopes.
Last but not least is the favorite snack. Don't hesitate to pack a little snack in your child's pocket. Not only can it provide calories, much needed during the active day to keep warm, but it can also provide a bit of emotional comfort.


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