Mondays with Mary: What is the Biggest Mistake You See Parents Make?

Posted by Mary on February 21, 2011

What is the Biggest Mistake You See Parents Make?

mondays-with-mary (mondays-with-mary)Some have expectations that are too high. Children all progress at different rates, and parents should focus on the overall “FUN FACTOR” of their trip, not what terrain they are skiing or what level class they’ve been assigned. Parents should be patient about their children’s progress and listen to the instructors about what we in ski/SB school are trying to accomplish. They should also listen to the professional as to what terrain really is appropriate for them.  A parent can unknowingly do damage and undo what may have taken all day to achieve  by pushing students with more challenging terrain.

Mondays with Mary is a weekly column where our Kids Mountain School Manager answers your most common questions.


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