Mondays with Mary: What if Your Child Doesn't Want to come to Ski School?

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by Mary on February 27, 2012

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Mondays with Mary is a weekly column where our Kids Mountain School Manager answers your most common questions.

What if your child doesn't want to come to ski school?

I would ask why they are not interested and talk about it. Ski School is s a new experience and a child may simply be scared of the unknown.  They might have false concerns. They may heard stories of broken bones, could be afraid of heights or new places. They might be afraid of being left without parents or siblings in a strange environment. I have had children afraid to ski because they thought they’d have to jump off the lift at the top!

They could also be afraid of failing. If a child is not relatively fit, does not enjoy physical activity, or has not been successful in the past with physical endeavors, they may want to avoid the embarrassment once again. That may be the time a parent or guardian may want to invest in a private lesson, to increase the chance of immediate success with one-on-one helpful hands.


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