Mondays with Mary: What can you do with Teens who don't want to go to Ski School?

Posted by Mary on April 4, 2011

What can you do with Teens who don't want to go to Ski School? Are they safe on their own?

mondays-with-mary (mondays-with-mary)We allow participants up to 14 years to join in with our Signature 5 classes, and sometimes we have 15 year-olds and they have fun meeting the other kids their own age who have similar interests.  We don’t place them with younger kids. Our program allows them to feel they have their own coach or Mountain guide, rather than a “babysitter” and being able to choose where to have lunch on the mountain (rather than preselected food choices in a lunch room) helps a lot.

The question of whether they are safe on their own depends on several factors. Are they familiar with the mountain?  What is their skiing or riding ability? Do your cell phones work in this area?  What is the weather forecast? Are they alone or with a buddy? Parents know their children better than anyone, so ask yourself if you are comfortable with letting them explore the mountain on their own.  We have many teen and tweens who ski and ride in small groups without parental supervision, at a much younger age as well.  We have a local group called “Little Rippers” who ski around together, and parents feel this is a good learning experience for them, learning safety, respect for the mountain, consideration of others, just general responsibility. Also keep in mind we have the Number One Ski Patrol in the country.

Mondays with Mary is a weekly column where our Kids Mountain School Manager answers your most common questions.


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