Mondays with Mary: What can I do with a child who is under 3?

Posted by Mary on December 12, 2011

Hi Snowmama's - we arrive to Park City in December and have a little girl just under 3.  She is too little for Signature 3. What are some other things we can do with her?  Do they have lessons for a just turned 3 yr old?

Thanks for the inquiry, I’ll try to help.
First of all, we do private lessons, from 1 hour or up to 7 hours daily, for any child age 2 years and above. Sometimes that is the perfect answer, and works well, so one option for you and your daughter.
Another option is, we would be happy to give your daughter a try in our Signature 3 program, as long as she is fully toilet trained, and willing to “give it a go”.  We normally don’t allow children younger than 3 1/2, because the chances for success are much lower. If it’s not a busy time of the season for us in our Signature 3 program, then some 3 year olds, especially if they are very social do well. If you are aware that you may need to come and pick your daughter up, we are happy to try.
The problem lies in that if your daughter is not a willing participant, you will be phoned, and required to pick her up. We do everything we can to keep all the kids, moving, having fun, and get them out skiing. Because we do not have a daycare here at PCMR, it can cause issues for many parents if they have to be called upon to come and pick up their children, and do not have any alternate childcare.  
Let me know if you decide you want to have your daughter give Kids Siganture 3 a try, and I’ll let our supervisors there know to be expecting her.


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Comment posted by Kelly on December 18, 2011 4:36 PM MST

Thanks! This is so helpful. My 2 1/2 is eager to get on the mountain after watching everyone else in the family play in the snow. I've already toilet-trained her with the hopes that ski school would soon be in her future! thanks for the great advice!

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