Mondays with Mary: Should you send your kids to ski school in bad weather?

Posted by Mary on January 31, 2011

For first-timers or young children, is it better to wait for good weather or plunge ahead no matter what the weather?

mondays-with-mary (mondays-with-mary)Weather can affect the lesson, especially really cold and wet weather, as well as strong wind. However, we like to think the participants would enjoy the great snow falls we can get! For beginners it can be easier to learn when we have a bit of fresh snow and the children usually enjoy moving through it as well. The age of the participant can also make a difference, as well as their overall attitude. If your child is anxious, it may be best to wait, and if they are really excited to learn, dress them properly and start them. This is one of those things that parents who know their children best can make the more informed decision.


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