Mondays with Mary: Should my 6 year old take Signature 5 or Signature 3 Superstars?

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by Mary on April 9, 2012

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Which program is better for my six year old? Signature 5 or Signature 3 Superstars?

So you have a 6 year old skier coming to ski school while you are visiting Park City Mountain Resort, which program is right for him or her, Signature 5 or Signature 3 Superstars?
First of all if your youngster has never skied prior to this visit, then he does belong in our Signature 5 program, where we place children of similar age and ability together to learn how to ski. The class will be paced for younger children, and the maximum ratio is 4 additional children with your child and the instructor. This class takes place from 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. and includes lift priviledge, lunch of your childs' choice at one of our on mountain resturaunts, and a full day of instruction.

Our Signature 3 Superstars program is for those 6 year olds that started skiing at an earlier age, those who can ski well enough already that they can control their speed by using turn shape, not just the size of the wedge. It is also for the children that are not yet ready for a full 6 hour day on the hill, even though they are little rippers while skiing.
The Superstar program allows your little ripper, to meet downstairs, we then provide the skis and boots they need, and participants head out onto the hill for 2 hours in the morning with a maximum of 3 participants to one instructor. They explore the green terrain on the upper mountain, then head back indoors with their instructor for lunch, and a bit of indoor play time in our large muscle room. After lunch off they go back onto the hill for another 2 hours before coming in at the end the day.
This program is perfect for the little ripper that also needs additional assistance with the chairlift, we guarantee that our Superstars always have an instructor on every chairlift they access.
So which program is best for your 6 year old? I hope this helps, and if you have additional questions contact Snowmama Mary at I hope to see you and yours out and about enjoying our wonderful mountain very soon.


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