Mondays with Mary: Is it better to rent gear at the resort or bring from home?

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by Mary on February 20, 2012

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Is it better to rent gear at the resort or bring from home?

It is much better to rent from the resort, especially for children. If there are any fitting issues, or malfunction occurs, we can replace the skis, boots or snowboard t immediately. We don’t have to bother parents because we have their signature on the release from our rental shop.

It also saves on travel costs. Unless families drive or fly Southwest (where they can check two bags for free) they will have to pay to get their gear to the mountains. Plus we valet the children’s gear overnight for free, and they don’t have to carry it back to where they are staying. And if they want to demo some different skis or boards, they can exchange models at the  Summit Demo Center, ski in and ski out trying several different ones.

Mondays with Mary is a weekly column where our Kids Mountain School Manager answers your most common questions.


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