Mondays with Mary: How do I know what Terrain is best for my Child

Posted by Mary on January 16, 2012

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How do I know what terrain is bes for my child?

If you child has been in one of our Signature Lessons you will receive a "Skills card" at the end of each day. If they participate more than one day, we will add to that card, and on the back of it, we will tell you what level your child is ready for upon return.
I would suggest that you speak with your child's instructor at days end if possible, unless you send someone else to pick them up you may do so. Ask the instructor where/what runs they would suggest, and why. When teaching children we will challenge with tasks/skills, not terrain. We look to see that participants can manage their skills, appropriate for the terrain, well balanced and consistently before we increase that terrain and skill level.
One of the worst mistakes that can be made is to push up the terrain, and negate the progress that was made during the lesson day.  Children and parents sometimes want to increase the terrain, "do a Black Diamond", long before they are ready. Sharing that excitement can be fun, but also dangerous when the participant is not yet ready, and or just tired out from a long day on the slopes.  
Be patient with yourself and your child and enjoy the experience, make some memories!

- Mary



Comment posted by Holiday Collins on January 20, 2012 6:10 AM MST

My just turned 6 never been on skis grandson wants to learn to ski. He'll have 4 skiing days. Where should we enroll him? Sig 3? Sig 5?

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Response posted by Snowmama Mary on January 23, 2012 11:06 AM MST

Your just turned 6 grandson should be fine in our Sig. 5 program, he will have more time on the hill in Signature 5, along with no more than 4 others in his class, and his lunch and lift pass will be included. We do many 6 year olds each week with this program.

If your grandson is more hesitant, and you feel he may do better with less time on the hill and only 1 or 2 others in his class, you certainly could start him in our Signature 3 program. If he loves it from this point on, and is ready for longer time on snow, we can move him the next day to Signature 5.

Let me know if you have additional questions. Have fun!


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