Mondays with Mary: How can we balance ski school and skiing with our kids of all ages?

Posted by Mary on December 26, 2011

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We are headed out and will be on the mountain from the 27th through the 1st. We have three families - me and my two sisters and all of our kids. We have two boys age 8 and 7, two girls age 8 and 6 and two girls age 5 and 4. The two boys have skied once. The girls haven't skied at all. We would like the kids to stay together - the four older ones together and the two younger ones together.

What is the best plan for the older kids, Signature 5 or a private lesson? The private lesson appears to be less expensive and it would guarantee they would stay together. I assume the best bet for the younger two is Signature 3. Would they be guaranteed to stay together?

Finally, any thoughts on how many days of lessons and what pattern of days? All the parents ski or snowboard and we would obviously like to balance the kids getting some real training and spending some time with them. Finally, we just had some friends out there and they had an instructor named Andy. She was originally from Bend, OR. They really liked her and we have a house in Bend, so we were interested in seeing if she was available.


I do think that you should consider a private lesson for the kids, and Andy will be great. Andy has been with us for I think about 4 years now and she loves teaching kids! When you call to make reservations, just request her.
Also we can certainly keep your younger ones together in our Signature 3 program, you just need to tell one of the supervisors there, Audrey, Andrew, or Molly and we can do that. If their abilities start to differ greatly they will tell you so that you can then decide if you want to move them or not. I just spoke to Audrey and they will be happy to assist you.
As far as how many days and such that is up to you, most of our kids participating in Sig. 3, other than the 3 yr. olds, do well for about 3-5 days. The older kids will progress and enjoy skiing easily for 4-5 days. You may consider having them in lessons for 2-3 days then skiing with them for a few days.
Options for your 2 yr. old in the group are either day care, and the Snowmamas site has some options there for you, or you could also consider a private lesson for an hour, or more. We do offer kids privates at 9:00, 10:00, or 11:00am.
We have 2 new conveyors that are open to the public, it’s a fantastic addition to our terrain for new folks to learn, so your sister certainly can take advantage of those as well.
Also if you are arriving on the 26th and have any time that afternoon, sometimes it helps to come by, get paperwork filled out and get gear fit for your Sig. 3 participants downstairs in our Sig. 3 facility. The 27th will be very busy, and it would be nice for the kids to see where they will be going as well.


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