It's Spring in Park City

Posted by Mary on April 30, 2010

After teaching skiing for several years at Park City Mountain Resort, Mary began to manage our local children programs and is responsible for developing Park City Mountain Resort’s Signature Programs, where she continues to share her passion for snowsports and teaching.

signature-3 (signature-3)It is Spring and here at Park City Mountain Resort I'm beginning to see preparation for our Summer Operations. I have packed away most of my long underwear and turtlenecks, and I hear the birds chirping each morning as I feed my horses. Yet, it still feels like winter today, snowing and blowing in the mountains, so I am reflecting.

Putting my boots in their bag, skis in the rack, and remembering with a smile the powder day that hit on my day off. Woohoo!

As the season comes to an end, kissing some goodbye until their return in the Fall, I start making notes for Kids Ski School next season. I don’t want to forget what is still fresh on my mind. So I clean my desk, start getting organized and looking through paperwork.

What do I want to do better for next season? What do I want to consider for change? What are my goals for our ski/snowboard school? Consider those new ideas from end of the season staff reviews?

In this process I see comment cards, emails, and thank you notes:

signature-5-instructor-with-kids (signature-5-instructor-with-kids)“My daughter really had fun, but wants the same teacher every day.”

“I love teaching here at PCMR.”

“My son took lessons and the group size was awesome.”

“The instructor was great!”

“Snowsports school and cashier were very friendly.”

“The instructor was super nice and very patient and encouraging.”

“Friendly people, the entire resort is wonderful, great experience.”

“Fun time, there wasn’t anything bad, except my daughter says the ski boots.”

“Sore muscles the next day.”

All in all great stuff! While there are a few things that we can’t fix, I am very proud, of whom we are, team members of Park City Mountain Resort, and what we try to do, create positive lasting memories for all of our guests.

Enjoy your Spring and hope to see you here in the Fall.


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