Gearing Up For Winter

Posted by Mary on October 26, 2010

The snow sports season is fast approaching and how exciting that is! The fall colors are slowly disappearing, and over the weekend the storms rolled in. Snow guns are firing and we are ready to go.

Our Snow Bugs got first tracks up top a few weeks ago, and many of them are gearing up with clothes for the season. That reminds me that it is time for me to start my “gear up” process. Our 3 new Adventure Alleys are sure to put a smile on my face on my first trip down, can’t wait to check out Powder Monkey, so I’m getting my act together now while I have some time.

snowbugs (snowbug)

"Gearing up” has several considerations. For some, travel plans are included, reservations for lodging, lessons, gear, etc. If you are renting gear at your destination you may want to consider the cost, should you bring your own? The convenience alone, along with the cost some airlines are charging may make you think a little longer. Renting is a good time to try out new gear. Maybe you are ready for a different board or pair of skis?

When it comes to kids I want to give you a few things to consider. Proper equipment is essential for the success of your child, from boots to skis to clothing. Local shops are knowledgeable and usually have great programs for kids, some even offer season rentals. It is sometimes possible to use those gently used hand me downs from family or friends, but make sure the gear is in proper, safe, working order, and will enhance your child’s learning experience, not be a detriment. 

Snowbug 2 (snow-bug-2)

Boots should be soft, so that children can flex them, too much room or not enough will not provide a recipe for success. One pair of ski socks, not cotton, will assist in keeping their feet warm and comfy.

Skis should be shaped and recreational, unless your child is in a competitive program specific for racing. Ski length should also be appropriate, chest to chin, shorter for beginners and longer as they progress. Boards should be easy to turn and get into.

Clothing should be waterproof, and layers are best. The new technical under layers and gear that wick are varied and awesome. I could not live without a great turtleneck, however some kids hate them!

Helmets need to fit properly and be comfortable in order to do their intended job. Parents set the example for your children, put a lid on it. For their safety and protection, we require all participants in our Ski and Snowboard School under the age of 18 to wear a helmet. Helmets are available for purchase in Legacy Sports or can be rented at Park City Mountain Rentals or Kids Signature 3 Check-In.

Make sure that everyone is well rested and fed. Bring your favorite snack along, put one in your child’s pocket and yours. It can be comforting and snow sports burns a lot of calories that your body needs to stay warm and perform. Stay hydrated, drink plenty of water, its best and won't add to the dehydration exercise and elevation can induce.

Last but not least arrive early, rushing is no fun, and no way to start your vacation. Making memories, fun lasting ones is what it’s all about!

See you out there!


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Comment posted by Gerry Wingenbach on October 28, 2010 9:04 AM MDT

Great, sound advice from a veteran, professional skier. Just add your kids and skiing is a joy.

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Comment posted by Lindsay Robinson on October 26, 2010 12:41 PM MDT

Thanks! Great tips. We got our three year old some boots at the end of last year, which were a little big on him. Hopefully, they're the right size this year. I still have to find him some non-cotton ski socks. Also, he LOVES his helmet. Last year he would never take it off of his head long after we came inside from the snow. This post is getting me so excited. On the East Coast, we're right in the heart of fall with beautiful colors on the trees. Probably won't see snow for a couple of months. It just makes me more excited to get out west! Enjoy the snow!

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