Born and raised a “Hoosier” until her move to Park City 14 years ago, Mary spent her time teaching children and adults fitness and equestrian skills in the flat lands of Indiana, while raising her three children. After an absence from skiing for 17 years, Mary jumped back into one of her favorite sports and decided to make a career as a then single mom teaching kids how to enjoy outdoor snow sports.

After teaching skiing for several years at Park City Mountain Resort, Mary began to manage our local children programs and is responsible for developing Park City Mountain Resort’s Signature Programs, where she continues to share her passion for snowsports and teaching. Through the years, as Mary’s children have grown, they have worked in various departments at PCMR and have enjoyed skiing and snowboarding at PCMR while attending college.  Mary now spends her time while not at work, at her home in Francis with her husband, enjoying their grandson, 3 dogs and 4 horses.




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