The Viking Yurt and Snowed Inn Sleigh Rides

Posted by Marie on March 15, 2011

When you’re planning a ski trip, you want to make sure you plan for your evenings as well. Our family went on the Snowed Inn Sleigh Ride and the Viking Yurt Sleigh Ride.

Both were fun and festive for a night in Park City. Here’s a little more detail about each.

snowed-inn-sign (snowed-inn-sign)

If you are wanting an activity for the whole family, I definitely suggest the Snowed Inn Sleigh Ride ($79 for adults and $49 for kids). We rode up in a large 20-person sleigh and cozy up under some blankets. The sleigh is pulled up the mountain by 2 large and beautiful horses. The kids loved watching those horses pull us along.

snowed-inn-sleigh (snowed-inn-sleigh)

We made your way up to the Snowed Inn lodge for a cowboy dinner with old fashioned cowboy entertainment. The musician let my kids hold a tambourine and some shakers to help him play his guitar music. They loved it!

cowboy-singer (cowboy-singer)

When it was dinner time, we were called in with a dinner bell, ready for hot cocoa and cider. We ate chili, homemade mac n’cheese, rib-eye and fish for the adults, and chocolate cake for dessert. Yum.

cowboy-dinner (cowboy-dinner)

There is a less expensive option to just take a sleigh ride with the horses which would be fun in and of itself, but I highly suggest eating there for dinner too, making the night complete.

snowed-inn-fun (snowed-inn-fun)

Now on to our Viking Yurt evening. This quaint little cabin called a yurt is a darling little spot for dinner on the mountain.

viking-yurt-map (viking-yurt-map)

This was the perfect date night, though not inexpensive ($125 pp plus tax and tip).. It was just the two of us, a quiet and intimate dinner. It would also have been really fun to take few other couples, making for an enjoyable get together.

viking-sleigh (viking-sleigh)

A large snow cat pulled our 30 person sleigh up 8,000 feet to the Viking Yurt. You could choose to ride up in the cat’s cab or snuggle under the stars with blankets. It was 25 minutes up, letting us really enjoy our scenery. The mountain is breathtaking at night with light snowfall, in between the snow-covered trees.

viking-yurt-snowcat (viking-yurt-snowcat)

Up at the top, the yurt is surprisingly large for looking really small on the outside. There were about 35 guests sitting at 5-10 top tables. We were introduced to our chef who introduced our meal, including 6 gourmet Norwegian courses.

viking-yurt-arrival (viking-yurt-arrival)

We started off with Glogg, a warmed berry drink, followed by soup and salad. Then came the main dish of kobe steak,  chicken or  vegetarian if preferred. It was amazing that only one chef was cooking for us all. He has everything timed to come out perfectly. The food was delicious.

viking-table-setup (viking-table-setup)

After the main course, we were given a sorbet palate cleanser in a Norwegian rock, yes a rock!, a cheese tray assortment, and ending with blueberry bread pudding. I know, we were spoiled. It was really really good food. They also let you bring in your own wine if you’d like, or they have all kinds of beverages to choose from at the yurt.

viking-cheese-course (viking-cheese-course)

Our family really enjoyed both sleigh rides. It just depends if you plan to have a date night with just adults or if you’d like to take bring the whole family along. Have fun sleigh riding on the mountain either way, as both of these rides were a great way to see the mountain in a new light, giving you a new perspective for the resort.


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