Stamping Snowmen: A Fun and Easy Wintertime Activity!

Posted by Marie on November 11, 2013

Stamp fun painted snowman pictures with recycled paper tubes. This is a fun wintertime activity the kids will love. 


  • paper towel tube
  • plate for paint
  • heavy cardstock paper, any color or size
  • white or silver paint
  • black, orange and red paint
  • thin paint brush for details

 1. Pour some of your white paint onto your plate. Dip your paper tube into the paint, making sure the whole circle gets paint on it it.

2. Stamp your painted circle onto your paper. You’ll want to do this a few times in a line, overlapping, to create the snowman look.

3. With your other paint colors and thin paint brush, give your snowman a hat, a face, hair, a scarf, buttons, etc.

Now these snowmen are ready for display. Have fun crafting for winter.


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