Snowman Cookie Pops

Posted by Marie on February 1, 2013

During the winter, we love to celebrate with fun snowman activities. Here's a yummy treat for the kids to make. It's a sweet treat for a cold winter day: Snowman Cookie Pops! 


  • mini sandwich cookies – any kind
  • white chocolate – melted
  • lollipop sticks or flat craft sticks
  • bowls
  • candy – mike and ikes, mini m&ms, mini chocolate chips, or gumdrops

1. Open up 3 mini cookie sandwiches. 

2. Place your stick onto the creme side of the cookies and press slightly, not too much as you don’t want your cookies to break. I love to use flat craft sticks for these dipped cookies.

3. Add a little melted white chocolate to the second side (the top side) of the cookie and close your cookie. Let this white chocolate harden so your cookie won’t fall apart as you dip it in the bowl of white chocolate to coat. I placed mine in the freezer for a few minutes to help speed this hardening up.

4. Dip your 3 cookies on a stick into the melted chocolate. Use another stick to help coat the whole thing. Place it on a plastic cutting board or wax paper.

5. Quickly add your candy to the tops of the dipped cookies. If your chocolate hardens too quickly, you can place them in the microwave for a few seconds, then add your candy.

6. Let these harden completely (faster if placed in the freezer) and then carefully pop them off the cutting board.

Now they are ready to snack on after building your snowman outside in the snow!


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Comment posted by Kelly B. on February 16, 2013 7:16 PM MST

Marie - these are so dang cute - I can't wait to make them when my grand-kids get here!

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