Recycled Snow Scoop

Posted by Marie on February 26, 2011

These Snow Scoops are the perfect tool to help aid the kids to have fun in the snow. It’s a super easy and fun craft to create, using only 3 supplies. These can be made before your vacation or while you’re here in Park City and the kids need something to do while you have some much-earned down time.

Snow Scoop (snow-scoop-1)

Supplies for Gallon Jug Snow Scoops:

1 gallon plastic jug, empty and dried out

  • scissors (an adult needs to cut this)
  • permanent markers
  • Snow!

1. Cut the plastic jug (an adult) about 1-2 inches up from the bottom.  Cut all the way around.

2. Color the jug with permanent markers in any design they want. Use permanent markers or it may rub off with the wet snow. You could also decorate these jugs with stickers, but again, they may rub off in the wet snow.

Now they are ready to help you dig, scoop, and pile on the snow to make a mountain, fort, or cave. Have fun!


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