Ornaments Make Memories

Posted by Marie on December 20, 2010

ornaments-tree (ornaments-tree)

When he was growing up, my husband Jordan got a new Christmas ornament every year. He has saved them all, ever since he was a baby. I was thrilled to become part of this tradition when we got married 10 years ago and to start it anew with our three kids.

We love decorating our tree. The kids get excited just to look at “their” ornaments. My son Matt has now collected 8 of them. My daughter Lucy has 5 and my little Anna has 2. We look for really special ornaments to give the children, reflecting something we’ve done together during the year. We’ve had Disney ornaments, Star Wars ornaments, and even some the kids have made at school.

This year, when I was at Park City Mountain Resort for the Snowmamas Summit, I was I excited to find festive ornaments at PCMR’s Legacy Sports, perfect for this year’s pick. Since we’ll be spending a lot of time on the mountain this season, we though it fitting for each of our kids to get one of these fun Christmas tree balls.

ornament-1 (ornament-1)

I’ll be getting the snowboarder making a sweet grab, (That could be me if it had longer hair!), and Jordan, who’s a total ski bum, will be getting t a downhill skiing ornament.

ornament-2 (ornament-2)

Now our Christmas tree looks especially festive and every holiday, we’ll always have fun memories of our time this season at Park City Mountain Resort.


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Comment posted by Lisa Phinney on December 20, 2010 12:37 PM MST

I love this!! I used to get an ornament to each new place I would travel to. I'd be in Sun Valley in the June asking where I could get Christmas ornaments & getting really funny looks!
My girlfriend Sabra used to exchange one homemade ornament with her husband each year. Fun idea also! Now that I have little ones, I love giving them an ornament. I just have to always resist the urge to move all the ornaments they have placed on the bottom of the tree!
I love the Snowmamas! Thanks for posting!

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