Kid Crafts: Snowboarding Halfpipe

Posted by Marie on January 7, 2011

To the get the kids excited for the mountain, we’re crafting a miniature mountain. Children can practice skiing or snowboarding down the halfpipe, pretending to get ready for the Winter Olympics.

half-pipe-1 (half-pipe-1)

Supplies for Snowboarding on the Halfpipe:
    •    an empty box with low cut sides
    •    tinfoil
    •    paper tube – empty paper towel roll or wrapping paper tube
    •    white paper
    •    tape or glue
    •    pipe cleaners

1. Cover your box with tinfoil. You could also cover it with white cotton batting for snow, or even leave it as is and decorate it with crayons or markers.

2. To make the half pipe, cut your paper tube in half lengthwise, then cover it with white paper or cotton batting and tape or glue it around. My son added a little yellow piece of paper to act like the stand where they wait at the gate before they go. Then place your tube into your box.

3. To make each person, you need one pipe cleaner. Follow these instructions:

half-pipe-2 (half-pipe-2)

    1.    Bend it in half and bend each foot. Then twist at the top of the legs (for it’s bum).
    2.    Bend out each arm and twist.
    3.    Then twist the neck and round out the head.

4. We taped on a small straight piece of pipe cleaner to its feet as the board, or add two small pieces for skis. You could also use a popsicle stick.

half-pip-3 (half-pip-3)

Now your skier or snowboarder is ready to impress the judges and have fun down the mountain!


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