How to Make Embellished Snow Hats Kids Will Love

Posted by Marie on October 28, 2013

To help give my kids that little extra spunk on the slopes, I've added more yarn to their store-bought knit hats! It's so easy to do. You can either sew or glue on the extra yarn for a fun spikey hat look.


  • quilting needle
  • yarn - any color
  • knit hat
  • scissors
  • *optional - use hot glue instead of a needle if you'd rather glue than sew

1. Thread your needle with yarn, about 2 feet doubled up, and tie a knot at one end.

2. Stitch your yarn through the top of your knit hat in any pattern you'd like, leaving each stitch very loose (you'll cut them and knot them in step 4). It can be a whole bunch of stitches right on the top center for a spikey look or in a long line for a mohawk look. Make at least 5-6 stitches for a good bunchy yarn look.

3. Tie a knot when you're done on the last stitch and cut the end with your scissors.

4. Next, cut all the loops of the yarn, so you have strands hanging by themselves and none of them attached. Then tie each of those together to form a knot for each stitched piece of yarn. 

Now your hat is ready for the slopes, you've got some new yarn flare!


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