Coloring Snow Bugs with the Kids

Posted by Marie on April 2, 2011

These cute Snow Bugs are showcased all over Park City Mountain Resort the resort. They mark the new Adverture Alleys for kids (and adventurous parents.) Kids can make their own adventure through these alleys as they ski or ride down these marked pathways. Blaster is my personal favorite, after my own snowboarding heart!

snowbug-blaster (snowbug-blaster)

To help us all learn a little more about where these Snow Bugs came from, we’re turning to the picture book, The Adventure of the Snow Bugs. Follow the pictures and find out all about these cute little creatures.

snowbugs-cover-art (snowbugs-cover-art)

You can follow along with this story right on your computer or simply download and print out a Snow Bug storybook of your own. Here’s my daughter coloring her own Snow Bug coloring book, sharing in the story.

coloring-snowbugs (coloring-snowbugs)

With these fun Snow Bugs placed all over the mountain, printing out your own storybook is the perfect activity for your kids to get ready to ski or snowboard at Park City Mountain Resort.


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