Trip Diary: Always Leave Them Wanting More

Posted by Maggie on March 2, 2012

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Trip Diary February 2012 – President’s Day Weekend

Since our school district had scheduled holidays for Friday and Monday surrounding President’s Day weekend, my husband, Bryan and I decided to take our 3 boys: Andrew – 15, James – 13, Sam – 9, and our foreign exchange student Toby – 16 to Park City Mountain Resort for a long weekend.   My main worry about the trip was if it would be worth it.  We normally visit Park City for an entire week during Spring Break, so finding all the gear, packing all the gear and lugging all the gear for just a weekend seemed like a lot of work, but I was hopeful that in the end all that work would pay off.


We arrived at 9pm on Thursday night, so first thing Friday morning, I found myself doing the very thing I swore I would never do again.   We had to secure our rental equipment in time to get the kids to ski school by 9 am.  Of course, I should not have been worried, because unlike a typical school day when I need a crowbar to pry the boys out of bed, on this morning they were up and ready to go way before it was time to leave.   

We got to the resort at 8 am which was perfect timing to get it all done.  I had to get the ski school passes and season passes secured as well as get rental equipment for the entire family.  The 9 and 13 year olds made it to Signature 5 ski school right at 9am and the 15 and 16 year olds got to their adult snowboard class at 9:30am after a warm up run off the First Time lift.  

My husband and I managed to take a deep breath and enjoy a quick warm up run down PayDay just before the Snowmamas meet up at 10am.   We had a wonderful time skiing and riding with old and new friends. 

For the afternoon, I had a really great blue/black ski workshop  with Harry Ellis.   They advertise small class size – 5 or less per class – and our workshop of 8 skiers was divided by skill level and area of interest into 3 smaller groups each with an instructor.   I really learned a great deal during this lesson and several of my skiing “lightbulbs” went off – I just hope I can remember all the tips and drills for next time.  

Friday evening, my clan was happily exhausted.  We ate dinner in our condo and went to bed early in anticipation of another wonderful day on the slopes.


Our family filmed “The Amazing Family Race at PCMR” for my Snowmamas blog.  This is patterned after “The Amazing Race” tv show and features the snowboarders in my family versus the skiers. The finished product will be featured soon on the Snowmamas site so stay tuned to find out who will win!  All I have to tell you now is I have real appreciation for people in tv and film.  They make it look so easy and it really isn’t.  This took a lot longer than I anticipated and my natives were more than restless but in the end, with a little team effort we finished our project and had a great time doing it.

Saturday evening, we met some friends at the Snowed Inn for dinner. We rode in horse drawn sleighs up the ski slopes to the restaurant where we enjoyed an absolutely delicious meal.  My husband couldn’t decide between the trout and prime rib, so they let him have a half order of each. The highlight of the dinner for me was putting the kids at one table and the adults at another table where we could engage in delightful conversation while the kids (I found out later) played truth or dare.  All I can say is – at least they weren’t playing spin the bottle.  It was a wonderful night and no one wanted it to end.


The boys were eager to conquer the mountain again, since I had “ruined” the previous day with my silly little race.  2 of the boys returned to school, while the others wanted to ski and board with my husband and me.  I was having major issues with my boots so while I solved my problems, the boys were off in a flash to shred some runs.

Sunday afternoon, we had a family pow-wow by the Coke Machine outside Legacy Lodge.  Some of the boys wanted to night ski, but my husband and Toby didn’t.  Bryan and Toby returned their equipment while the rest of us (or so we thought) took our equipment to the car to return later.  Little did I know, my 9 year old, Sam had become intrigued with the drainage grate in the sidewalk and didn’t notice everyone walking away.   He looked up and we were all gone.

 In the chaos of the crowds at the end of the ski day, we didn’t notice that Sam wasn’t with us until we were in the elevator headed to the garage.  By that time, Sam had found the information desk, AKA “lost and found” and used their phone to call my husband.  Luckily Sam knew the cell phone number by heart.  We were joyously reunited and I was so proud that he remembered the phone number to call and found a “trusted adult” like we had taught him.  If your kids are too little to remember your cell phone number put a slip of paper with your number on it in their jacket.  Hopefully they will never need to use it, but it will give you peace of mind that it is there.

After a quick supper at Squatter’s we returned to the PayDay lift at 6:30pm for some night skiing.  We met some friends there and the 6 of us had a blast.  We felt like we had the entire resort to ourselves as we rode up the lift and skied/rode down the PayDay run time after time.   We finally called it quits at 8pm, returned our equipment and went back to the condo to pack for our return to Austin on Monday morning.

There is some debate regarding whether PT Barnum or Walt Disney said, “Always leave them wanting more.”  No matter who said it, this quote best sums up our weekend in Park City.  We all returned home planning and plotting our next visit and yes, in the end, it was worth it.




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Comment posted by Kristen on March 4, 2012 4:53 PM MST

Sounds like a great trip! Can't wait to hear all the details of the Amazing race!

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