The Unintended Cost of Snow Ski Season

Posted by Maggie on July 3, 2012

Toenails (toenail)

I knew it was coming. Did it have to happen now? The timing could have been better, but then when you do the math, it all makes sense. Now, I'm knee deep in the middle of sandals season in the triple digit heat of the ATX and feeling self-conscious about wearing open toed shoes. I lost both my big toenails in the past week.

I had a great ski season. Arguably the best of my life. I skied every month of the season except November and April (are those two months really included?). In December, I met some wonderful new friends with the Park City Mountain Resort Snowmamas. In January, I joined the ladies of my Bible study group for a fabulous trip to Breckenridge, Colorado. In February, the entire family enjoyed President's Day weekend at PCMR. Then March, of course, is our annual Spring Break trip to our time share in Park City, UT with plenty more skiing.

During the trips in February and March, I will admit, I skiied pretty hard core. All my boys were with me and I have to prove I can hang with the big dogs. I was sore in my muscles and I knew in March I was probably going to lose some toenails. I forgot. 4 weeks ago, when I went for a pedicure, I marvelled at the rainbow of fruit flavors that had been hiding under my nail polish. Hmmmm, I wondered for a minute. I really haven't been logging that many running miles lately. Then it came to me: ski boots are the culprit.

Last week, first one, then the other. Right, then left. Both big toenails loosened up and popped off. I feebly attempted to paint the stump on the right before I knew the left one was a goner. The polish doesn't even match.

Then I decided - you know what? Toenails are for wimps. I held my head high and dared someone to ask me about it. I've got a great story, I had some wonderful adventures and I want to tell people about it. No one asked.

On Tuesday, I go back for a pedicure and I know my lady, Nancy Daniel at Lifetime Fitness Spa will have a miracle cure for me. She's offered me prosthetic toenails before. I'm sure they will look real once they are all "Big Apple Red."

Lest you think, I'm complaining - let me assure you: it was all worth it! I'd do it again in a heartbeat, and I probably will - next year. By the way, my new motto is: toenails are for wimps.


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Comment posted by Jeanie on July 25, 2012 4:47 PM MDT

Great post, Maggie, but you really need not lose those toenails. In fact, you shouldn't be losing them! I've lost my share of toenails both from running and skiing, but with the proper fitting boots and remembering to buckle up snugly, the only time I get "toe slam" is if I forget to keep my boots buckled walking back to the car or lodge. Try that next season, keep those boots buckled while you are walking. You should definitely NOT get toe slam while skiing, that means boots aren't fitting properly. Have a great summer!

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Comment posted by Snowmama Mary on July 10, 2012 11:26 AM MDT

I lost my left big toenail this year too, you go girl! Be proud

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