Mouth-watering Breakfast Taco Recipe to Start Your Day

Posted by Maggie on December 26, 2012

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In Texas, we have a tradition for breakfast that is fast, easy and can be nutritious.  In my opinion, it is great on a ski school morning when you are hurrying out the door to make it to ski school on time, yet you want everyone to have a nutritious start to the day.  It’s also perfect for families with picky eaters who can’t agree on what to eat for breakfast.  Is it possible that there are people in this country who have never heard of tacos for breakfast?  If that’s you, I’m happy to introduce you.

The traditional breakfast taco consists of a flour tortilla wrapped around scrambled eggs, cheese and some sort of breakfast meat: bacon, sausage or chorizo (spicy Mexican sausage).  Topped with a little salsa, this covers the 4 food groups.   Unlike many breakfast offerings – it is high in protein from the eggs and meat with some good carbohydrates to provide the energy you and the kids need out on the slopes.  The great thing about this option is that you and the kids can pick and choose what you do or don’t want in your taco so everyone is happy.   I usually scramble the eggs and prepare some sausage or bacon and let the kids assemble their own taco.  I have learned to monitor the bacon or the first 2 boys to make their taco will take it all.  Mmmmmm bacon!!!

Here are a few variations:

Gluten free – use corn tortillas.

Dairy free – omit the cheese.

Watching cholesterol or fat– use scrambled egg whites and turkey bacon.

Vegetarian – instead of breakfast meat substitute potato or just egg and cheese.

Vegan – sauté some onion, spinach and mushroom and add black beans for protein.

If you haven’t tried breakfast tacos, I hope you will. I know you will see what an easy and nutritious breakfast option they are.  Enjoy!


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