The Right Socks, Mom! : Lisa's Trip Diary Day 1

Posted by Lisa on January 7, 2011

rentals (rentals)

Of course there were a few kinks our first morning. My nine-year-old was “lost” in the plaza, we had to get rental equipment and ended up late for lessons. I even had to buy new tall, thick socks after my younger son told me the ankle socks he had were uncomfortable in snowboard boots. (They were able to switch at lunch and getting the socks changed made a big difference.)

rentals-2 (rentals-2)

Such is the life of a Snowmama with three kids. Those first mornings can be hard.  But we ended up having a FABULOUS day. The boys went to snowboard school and my four-year-old daughter to ski school. (With its Signature 3 Program, Park City Mountain Resort guarantees there won’t be more than three preschoolers per instructor.)   

kids-sig-5 (kids-sig-5)

Lucas, 6, was so exhausted from our flight and time zone changes that he quit an hour early and went to the lodge for a little R&R and coloring.

The kids are thrilled about the chance to come back tomorrow.  Isaac, my oldest, said, "Mom, Instructor Justin was VERY patient. He's cool." That cracked me up!


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