Take Lessons: Lisa's Trip Diary Day One

Posted by Lisa on April 7, 2011

Today was a fun-filled, amazing, incredible, perfect sunny day framed by deep blue sky against pure white snow. Some of us have sunburned faces to prove it.

1-lisa-2011-04-04_12-06-44_233 (1-lisa-2011-04-04_12-06-44_233)

My husband, Mike, and I took 1/2 day freestyle snowboarding lessons from the oh-so-talented instructor, Casey Mills. Casey is knowledgable, passionate and enthusiastic about what he is teaching. He tweaked our form to help us improve our carving and terrain park skills. Many of the stunts we tried were difficult and we were often frustrated. But as Casey challenged us, he kept reminding us to relax and enjoy the journey. He made it fun.


We spent a lot of time working on and improving our apporach, take off, maneuvers and landings on jumps. One surprising thing I learned today was that little adjustments make a big difference in one's snowboarding ability.
Thought of the Day: Take lessons. They are well worth it and will save you time and effort.

1-lisa-2011-04-04_11-12-54_413 (1-lisa-2011-04-04_11-12-54_413)



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