Put a Lid on It

Posted by Lisa on January 14, 2011

Wearing a helmet (AKA a “brain bucket” or “lid”) while participating in winter sports is smart.  In fact, at Park City Mountain Resort, it is required for children taking lessons.  Their policy: In a continued effort to maximize the safety and well-being of our Ski and Snowboard School guests, we are requiring all participants 17 years old and younger to wear a helmet.  

marions-helmets (marions-helmets)Picking the right helmet is easy with a little direction:  
1. Make sure the helmet has a CE, ASTM or Snell RS-98 rating.  Snell has the most stringent standards.
2. Make sure the helmet fits well.  It should not be too snug nor fall off easily when it is not buckled.
3. Check out the shape of your child’s  head.  Heads are typically round, oval or roval-- a combination of the two. Helmets are designed for these different shapes.
4. Know the head size in centimeters -- the circumference of your head just above your eyebrows and ears, which should be the widest point of your head. Kids’ heads grow relatively slowly and a loose helmet is ineffective, so make sure it is a good fit. Some great kid helmets do adjust to allow for growth.  Check this site for a good fit guide: http://www.skihelmets.com/size_fit.asp
5. Keep your climate in mind. For warmer climates,  your helmet should have vents to allow for some air flow.
6. Keep fun in mind. Technology is keeping pace with helmets – some have cool features like blue tooth capability and speakers for listening to your mp3 player and cell phone. Many helmets come in bright colors or have sweet graphics.
7. Comfort matters. Some helmets feature ear flaps and visors. If you want a feature, someone has probably already thought of it.

For a plethora of information on helmets, check out www.skihelmets.org or www.lidsonkids.org.


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