Great Family Tree Runs at Park City Mountain Resort

Posted by Lisa on February 3, 2011

Isaac on Adventure Alley (2010-12)Ask my son Isaac, 9, his favorite thing about snowboarding, and he’d answer "tree runs".  My answer would be the same.

I strongly recommend that all snowboarders and skiers venture off the large groomed trails at any ski resort for an intimate experience with the mountain--and their snowboarding kids.

Park City Mountain Resort has several wonderful tree runs. They are marked, so you do not have to be a local to find these hidden gems.  A couple of them are designated as "Adventure Alleys" on the Park City Mountain Resorts trail map.  These are a blast.  

Anyone with intermediate ski ability should have no problem making it through these successfully.  These tree runs (Adventure Alleys) are marked with the resort’s giant Snowbug sculpture signs on the mountain, both at the beginning of the alley and at the end. 

Blaster (img_5929)

Detonator Adventure Alley (denator)

These are the five tree runs that Isaac and I love:

  • Detonator (off of Mel's Alley)
  • Short Fuse (off of Claim Jumper)
  • TNT (off Parley's Park)
  • Powder Monkey (Take McConkey's lift and ski down the signature run Georgeanna until you come across a snowbug marked Powder Monkey)
  • Blaster (beneath Bonanza lift)

Have fun!




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