Never Stop Learning- Lessons for all skill levels

Posted by Lisa on January 11, 2013

Never Stop Learning

I am a self-taught snowboarder who made the switch from skiing to snowboarding 20 years ago as a teen and have never looked back. I doubt they were teaching snowboard lessons back then, in fact, most resorts were banning boarders.  After years of practice, I am comfortable with most terrain and have developed a real love for the whole mountain experience.  The better I get, the more fun I have.  

However, as I watch my children develop quickly through snowboard lessons, I realize my hit-or-miss method is less than ideal.  Lessons are the fast track to acquiring good skills and avoiding bad habits.  My eleven-year-old son has beautiful form and is almost as good as his mom, having spent only a quarter of the amount of time on the mountain.

A few years ago, after noticing how quickly my kids were advancing while my own skill level hit a plateau, I signed up for lessons.  My first day of advanced lessons was humbling.  An instructor observed me for a few runs and recommended minor adjustments to the rotation of my shoulders, shifting more weight to my front foot and putting more hip into my toeside edge carve.  I felt skeptical.  Embarrassing to admit, I was distrustful of the small tweaks recommended to me.

 After a few hours of practicing with my instructor, I noticed a significant difference in my riding.  The lessons helped me to develop a stronger skill set and try things I felt were out of reach before.  I even talked my reluctant husband into a day of lessons designed to improve snowboarding in the park.  He was excited with what advanced lessons did for him.

Snowboarding is a rapidly-changing sport where riders like Torah Bright and Sean White are always pushing the boundaries of what people think is possible on a board.  The challenge of snowboarding and the thrill of progressing is something I love.  Already this season, I have taken an advanced lesson to make sure I keep improving.  I look forward to being that old lady rockin’ it down the hill with my kids and grandkids in my wake.


To guarantee you never stop learning, sign up for one of Park City Mountain Resort's advanced workshops.  Park City Mountain Resort offers 3-hour workshops for both the advanced-to-expert snowboarder and intermediate-to-expert skier.

The two snowboard workshops will focus on freestyle in the terrain park and halfpipe and all-mountain riding focusing on off-piste riding, bumps, trees, steeps.

There are two types of skier workshop: Parallel and Beyond and all-mountain covering everything from steeps, powder, crusted, groomed and more.


    3-hour group workshop
    Small class size (5 students per instructor)
    Advanced to expert, level 6 and up
    Snowboard lessons only
    Times: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
    Meet across the Skiway from the PayDay steps

To make a reservation call 1-800-227-2754.


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Comment posted by April Simpson on January 14, 2013 12:47 PM MST

Hey Girl! Thanks again for pushing me to take lessons and learn more! Thanks to you I'm also about to buy another board with reverse camber!!!! You rock!'

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