Mapping it Out Pre-teen Style

Posted by Lisa on December 3, 2013

Isaac, Lucas and map While on a trip to Chicago with my young sons, I discovered the power of maps for kids.  Whether at the zoo or museum, my boys were as interested in orientating themselves as they were in locating animals or exhibits.

My kids feel empowered by knowing the easiest, fastest or favorite way down the mountain.  Learning map skills helps them develop a sense of perspective and, with that perspective, increased independence.  My younger son was originally afraid of the upper mountain of the resort.  He thought going higher only meant one thing--more difficult terrain.  Through experience and by using a map, he has learned to trust it when the map says the trail is blue or green terrain, even though he sees the lift going way up the mountain.  Map reading has given him the confidence to take the run. 

boys-pcmr-map My kids like to plan their day of runs out ahead of time, and it sounds like name dropping.  “Mom, I want to take PayDay to Bonanza and go down to Mel’s Alley to Detonator Adventure Alley.  Then, let’s take Silverlode lift to TNT.”  My older son studies the map to make sure he visits all parts of the resort, as though he is marking it as his territory by seeing it all.

Lucas and Isaac Park City Mountain Resort has resort maps all over the place.  My kids keep one in the coat pocket and refer to it frequently. has awesome interactive maps and even a treasure map. Make sure you and your kids utilize these tools.



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